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GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação

Products & Solutions

Turn Key Projects: Execution of Rocky and Ceramic Coatings Placement

With its expertise of over 25 years in the market for execution of rocky and ceramic coatings in facades, GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação offers complete solutions to enable, at any stage of work, the management of the implementation of these coatings, given any need, size and level of difficulty.
Our experience and expertise gives us the full control of all stages of the process and management of the entire project, considering deadlines, quality and costs.

We make the delivery of the Project feasible in its entirety, from the preparation of detailed design, production of metal inserts, substructures and other inputs.

With pioneering spirit and innovation, we developed a complete line of metallic inserts, with solutions that use the latest techniques in anchoring of rocky or ceramic tiles, taking into account the technical aspects such as mineral, geological and chemical coatings, to the detriment of the environment where they will be installed. In addition to the full compliance with technical standards, guidelines and project requirements.

Also considering all anchoring needs, birdcage scaffolding with electrical drive with skilled labor for the perfect placement of coatings.

Our solutions meet market demands since everyone needs to reduce costs and deadlines without giving up on a complete management of all phases of coatings placement process on facades, with strict compliance with all applicable technical standards in order to meet all safety standards and overall quality required for the project, even eliminating potential waste.

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Metallic Inserts

Method: The building coating installation with METALFIX American system works through the end-to-end process.
  • Drilling of the structure of the building (concrete or grout performed exclusively for the system).
  • Expansion anchor bolt installation (parabolt).
  • Anchor bolt support fastening.
  • Coating Installation on mounted inserts, according to plumb and leveling.
  • For the process to work with precision and with the desired speed, an executive design shall be made, which will include all the fastening details.

The system complies with NBR 15846-2010 Brazilian standard.

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Insert Types

In order to ensure and provide a safely assembly and, at the same time, reduce the costs of systems, GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação has 5 fastening lines that suit the characteristics of the material being used and different architectural forms. All inserts are made of steel suitable for each region and local atmosphere, as follows:
  • Stainless Steel
  • ABNT 304: for urban and industrial atmosphere free from chlorides.

    ABNT 316: for urban, marine and industrial atmospheres containing chlorides.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Use of galvanized steel, pursuant to NBR 6323, in intermediate parts or along the support, without contact with the tiles.

Metallic Insert Types:

  • LT – Transition System: used for fastening beams.
  • LS – Simple Pin System: used for fastening pillars and walls.
  • LG – “Grade” System: used for fastening corners, which LS or LT do not fit.
  • LD – Double Pin System: used for fastening tracks and beam floor tiles.
  • GT – Transition Hook: used for side bracing.
  • GP – Simple Pin Hook: used for superior bracing.
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Auxiliary Metallic Structures for Coatings: granite, marble, porcelain and ceramic tiles

We have overall condition to develop auxiliary support structures, according to each specific situation, which completely meet the needs of fastening and placing coatings on facades.
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Pedestal supports for raised floors systems in granites

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Technical and Executive Project Planning for Building Coating Deployment in Facades

We have teams with experienced engineers and architects, expertise and solid background to suit any need or demand for development of technical and executive project for the placement of coatings on facades.
In our technical and executive projects, we meet the technical standards for safety criteria, quality, time and cost.

We perform technical tests to the best technical verification and system to be employed when carrying out the work.

We provide consultancy to understand your needs and offer the best solution, ensuring full success for your business.

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Accessibility Systems with birdcage scaffolding with electric drive and monorails

DWe develop access mechanisms to the coatings groundplot sites, providing professional installers with compliance to work safety standards and different facilities, which enable increased productivity and quality when carrying out the work.

This is a complete line of birdcage and tubular scaffolding that meets every type of need for groundplot and laying of coatings on facades.

  • Facade Scaffoldings: they cover extensive vertical and horizontal areas continuously. They are suitable for situations in which the height of cover is not a hindrance, and the moorings do not interfere with the building structure and installation of the supporting plates for attachment of the coatings
  • Electric Drive Scaffolding: modern equipment that provides greater flexibility, productivity and safety to professional installers.
  • Tubular Scaffolding: made up of individual towers, modular scaffoldings meet applications that require specific needs.
  • Birdcage Scaffolding: rocker arm with anchor on monorail to facilitate horizontal displacement.
  • Scaffolding Systems Development: with specific applicability to every kind of need, mode of materials and coatings.
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Skilled labor for coatings placement: granite, marble, porcelain and ceramics

We have full team with experts to carry out works on several levels of difficulty, size or stage of construction, given the need of rocky and ceramic tiles placement.

All professional technical teams and assemblers hired by GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação are unique, there is no involvement of outsourcing labor in the works.

Our Human Resource and Project Management requires that our professionals meet rigorous ongoing training, with adequate management processes that ensure safety, motivation and engagement, considering all aspects of productivity and quality, so that their work is delivered successfully and within the technical parameters for quality, deadlines and costs.

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