GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação

The Company

In the late 80s, the first high standard finishing buildings emerged in Brazil, by using US-derived techniques for performing building coatings. Still at this time, there was no Brazilian standard specifying criteria and standards for the use of these techniques. Thus, it was common for clients to demand efficiency from their suppliers for the entire system to be deployed through the Sizing Calculation and Technical Testing of Metallic Inserts.

Pioneering Spirit and Innovation

In this context, GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação emerged as an innovative pioneer, meeting customer needs, developing technical projects and consulting for sizing of metal brackets, implementation of building coatings, through the technique that became known as Metallic Inserts.

Expertise and experience

In constant technical evolution, research and investments in development of new processes in tune with market needs, in an innovative way, GMM Engenharia de Sistemas de Fixação introduced a new standard of service for the civil construction market with the establishment of new engineering processes, enabling the management and implementation of all deployment phases of rock coatings for facades in civil buildings, being responsible for the execution by creating Technical Design, Production and Supply System by placing tiles and coatings with the Metallic Inserts, with complete and holistic domain of all execution stages of the rocky coatings process.

Currently, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), pursuant to NBR 15846-2010, regulates and establishes general guidelines for facades deployment with rocky or ceramic tiles fixed by Metallic Inserts, used by GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação in its projects.

In tune with the market

With pioneering spirit, innovation and know-how that have always been part of their DNA, GMM Engenharia em Sistemas de Fixação team went even further and provides products and solutions that meet their clients’ needs: construction companies of all sizes, coating industries as granite, marble, porcelain and ceramic tiles, in addition to architecture offices.

Our solutions

Among the solutions, we can highlight some products that meet construction market needs for coatings in granite, marble, porcelain and ceramics with full compliance:
  • Fastening Systems for several types of coatings;
  • Skilled labor for coatings placement: granite, marble, porcelain and ceramics;
  • Planning and executive technical design for manufacture and installation of coatings on facades;
  • Auxiliary Metal structures as a solution where there is a lack of conventional structure;
  • Accessibility Systems with birdcage scaffolding with electric drive and monorails;
  • Supports for raised floors systems in granite.
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No matter your company’ needs on the placing of building coatings, GMM Engenharia de Sistemas de Fixação is ready to introduce the best solution in the construction market, with an experienced team and internationally recognized know-how.

Our portfolio has delivered thousands of works and ongoing projects of all sizes, where the main requirement is the satisfaction of our customers and market recognition.

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Our Mission

Meeting market needs, as well as its suppliers and employees, offering intelligent solutions, striving for excellence in quality, best techniques and deadlines.

Our View

Being market differentiator, never limited to first principles, always accepting new challenges with a sound basis in good ethical, moral and social principles.

Our Values

Trust in people, in their ability and their desire to evolve, respect for teamwork and continuous development of people, security and quality of life.